Sabu Joseph
Valsa Kunnel
Vice President
Molly Mannat
Sophyamma Roy
Joint Secretary
Deepa Maria Francis
Sheril Joseph
Youth Coordinator

St. Neumann ward is in the northern region of our parish, stretching across all of Bucks County, excluding Bensalem. The name of the ward was chosen as a fitting tribute to a saint who was the bishop of Philadelphia in the middle of 19th century. It signifies the trials and tribulations he faced as the leader of Catholics in a region where new migrant communities of different European nations were just beginning to be established, which help us to reflect on our own challenges and hardships as we try to emerge as a new migrant Catholic community.

The ward was formed in 2004 with 25 families and currently, it has 38 registered members. Ever since its formation, the ward has been conducting prayer meetings every two or three months and caroling during Christmas. Keeping up with our great old tradition, ‘paana vaayana’ has been a part of Good Friday observance in the ward for many years.