There are 3 choir groups in our church – Malayalam Adults Choir, Malayalam Youth Choir and English Youth Choir. The choir is involved in all liturgical functions that take place in the church throughout the year.

1. Adults Choir Group (Mal)

The Malayalam Adults Choir group sings in our church for the :

  • First Holy Qurbana on Sunday’s (8:30 AM)  – except Fifth Sunday.
  • Third Holy Qurbana (11:30 AM) – except Second & Fourth Sunday’s.

The practice for the First Mass is at Sunday, 7:45 AM and practice for the Third Mass is at 10:00 AM.

The Choir members are:

  • George Panackal
  • Jerry James
  • Nelson T
  • Sajimon Joseph
  • Xavier Antony
  • Christeen Joseph
  • Femina Saji
  • Geethu Thomas
  • Janice Jaison
  • Litty Melvin
  • Mariamol Nelson
  • Meera Sebastian
  • Merline Mary Augustine
  • Merly Palathinkal
  • Elizabeth James
  • Swapna Sebastian


2. Youth Choir Group (Mal)

The Malayalam Youth Choir sings in our church for the :

  • Third Holy Qurbana (11:30 AM) on every Second and Fourth Sunday.
  • First Holy Qurbana (8:30 AM) on every Fifth Sunday.

The practice for the choir happens at 8:00 PM every Wednesday in our Church.

The Choir members are:

  • Amal Tom (Choir Leader)
  • Jibin Joby
  • Joel Bosco
  • Toshen M. Thomas
  • Angel Paul
  • Anjitha Amal
  • Ann Femina Daniel
  • Litty Baby
  • Poornima Roj
  • Sachu Geevarghese
  • Silvy Cherian


3. Junior Choir Group (Eng)

The St. Thomas Syro-Malabar Philly Youth Choir has an indispensable role in worship, liturgical celebrations, and faith formation. Our primary role is to support and enhance the congregation both in song and prayer. Currently, we have 20 members in the Youth Choir. Our numbers grow over the course of the academic year as we welcome children starting from the third grade. Our practices are held every second and fourth Saturday (the Saturday before English Qurbana) from 2 – 4 PM in the Church. Attending practice is important so that we can train the youth and help them to better understand the Syro-Malabar English Qurbana.

Present Members

  • Soby Chacko (Choir Director/Pianist)
  • Carolin George (Choir Leader/Singer)


  • Telvin Mannat (Keyboard)
  • Albert George (Guitar)
  • Albert Chacko (Drums)


  • Abel Chacko
  • Abigail Chacko
  • Ajith Thomas
  • Alyssa Siji
  • Angel Plamoottil
  • Bria Joseph
  • Crystal Thomas
  • Gloria Zacharias
  • Hannah James
  • Judith Bosco
  • Juliet Karumathy
  • Lisa Anithottam
  • Mariya Paul
  • Safaniya Paul
  • Tilda Mannat