Grade 4

Grade  : 4


Regina P. Joseph / Jaison Joseph / Jacob Sebastian

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Regina Joseph


Parent’s Meeting :  TBA

What did we learn in the class?
Date:Sept. to Dec. 2016

Streams of Life

Class Expectations:

  1. Students will be graded on homework, student diary, behavior in class and church during mass along with the class test, midterm and final exams.
  2. Students are expected to write a few lines from the Gospel/Sermon in their note week. This is a wonderful way for them to learn to pay attention during mass.
  3. Please make sure to check their CCD workbook every week for regular class homework and the prayers to be learned.
  4. Students are expected to learn Rosary and Creed.
Homework                                Finish learning the Creed
Due Date   12/18/16
Tests                                             January 8th, 2017


What is included in the test? Lessons – 1-7.




What is included in the quiz?

No Quiz