Bible Reading Sign Up (Non CCD)

This sign-up is for the Year long Bible Reading group, for adults and every non CCD students.

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Bible Reading Sign Up (CCD Students)

Attention all Middle School & High School Students!  You are greatly encouraged to participate in a Bible reading program created by Ascension Press and led by Fr. Mike Schmitz and biblical scholar Jeff Cavins. Mr. Cavins, the author of Great Adventure Bible study Program, has described salvation history in chronological order for easy comprehension of the Bible as an analytical and meditative read. 

Daily audio files of the bible passages will be available as a podcast with everyday emails. You can choose to listen in a flexible schedule and we encourage you to sign up below so that we can send you all the information so you can begin this program.  Your CCD teachers might be giving you extra credit if you decide to participate in this program, so sign up fast!!

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