SMYM Members
Juliet Johny
Ance Thankachan
Vice President
Kuruvila James
Abin Sebastian
Joint Secretary
Albin Babu
Toshen Thomas
Parish Council Rep

SMYM Yuvajenavedhi is an organization formed by the youth and young adults of our church, who associate more with the Kerala culture. This new organization took flight on February 2019, and has been an active youth force in our church conducting various religious and cultural activities for the church community.



  1. Vachana Deepthi Bible Quiz Competition (28 April, 2019) (First Bible Quiz in English & Malayalam)
  2. Carroms Tournament (29 June, 2019)
  3. Perunnal Carnival Booth (7 July, 2019)
  4. Cricket Tournament (25 August, 2019)
  5. Onam Celebration (8 September, 2019) (First Parish Onam Celebration)
  6. Rosary Lead (11 October, 2019)
  7. Youth Thanksgiving Dinner (24 November, 2019)
  8. Christmas Crib & Photo Shoot with Santa (25 December, 2019)