Grade 9

Grade  : 9


Manju Chacko / Merline Augustine / Alex Padayatil

Parent’s Meeting :  TBD

What did we learn in the class?
Date:  Dec 11, 2016 Syro-Malabar Mass book

Introductory Rite 
Introductory Rite starts with “As the Lord  Commanded” (Anna Pesaha Thirunaalil) to “Lord of all we bow & praise You” (Sarvadhipanaam Karthave).

It contains:
1) Hymn of Angels
2)Lord’s Prayer
3)Opening Prayer
4)Psalms (according to the liturgical season)
6)Preparation for the Hymn of resurrection
7) Hymn of Resurrection


1) Read and review the prayers in the Introductory Rite. 

2) When Jesus asks us to “Do this in memory of me”, He was not only asking us to partake in the mass ( where He broke and gave us His body to eat) but also asking us to break ourselves for others for the love of Christ.  This happens in our everyday life where we try to live the mass.  The Holy Qurbana we partake has no meaning unless we do this.  This week, I challenge you offer yourself as a sacrifice to Jesus by doing at least one of the following:  1)do something that you don’t like to do but do it happily for the love of Christ 2) sacrifice something for someone else 3) bear pain or sufferings joyfully without complaints.  This Christmas, may you offer yourself as a present to the One who became a mere human child because He loves you.

3)Bring in canned goods for the food drive. This is our last chance to share our blessings with the less fortunate.

4)If anyone wishes to retake quiz 2, please come prepared.

5) Please bring in the completed March for Life form.

Due Date:   Dec 18, 2016
Date:   There will be no CCD on Dec 25 or Jan 1.

We will have a Midterm Exam on Jan 8,2016. I will send an email with details during the holidays.

Wishing you and your family a Blessed Christmas and a very Happy New Year!


Jan 8,2016

What is included in the test?

All topics and chapters covered till date.

Date:  What is included in the quiz?