Rev. Dr. George Danavelil
Rev. Sr. Alphonse
Associate Director
Jacob Chacko
CCD Admin
Jose Maleckal
CCD Admin
Manju Chacko
Lily Chacko
Jake Benny
Vice President
Isabelle Joseph
Clara Chacko
Joint Secretary
Albin Abraham
Emily Thoonkuzhy
Joint Treasurer
Ashish Thankachan
Public Relations
Alena Chacko
Joint PR

Established in 1947, Cherupushpa Mission League (CML) is a dedicated apostolic organization focused on fostering missionary endeavors and personal growth among young children and youth. In the spirit of St. Thérèse, the Little Flower of Lisieux, our young members exemplify faith, hope, and love through their daily actions, actively engaging in various forms of community service.

Under the guidance of Carmelite Sisters and CML leaders, CML hosts a variety of gatherings every quarter, offering an array of enjoyable activities such as field trips, bake sales, fundraisers, religious presentations, Lenten retreats, seminars, video showcases of saints’ life histories, Mission Sunday programs, and active participation in Feasts and other Church celebrations. Join us in nurturing faith and personal development within our vibrant CML community.