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Attention all Middle School & High School Students!  You are greatly encouraged to participate in a Bible reading program created by Ascension Press and led by Fr. Mike Schmitz and biblical scholar Jeff Cavins. Mr. Cavins, the author of Great Adventure Bible study Program, has described salvation history in chronological order for easy comprehension of the Bible as an analytical and meditative read. 

Daily audio files of the bible passages will be available as a podcast with everyday emails. You can choose to listen in a flexible schedule and we encourage you to sign up below so that we can send you all the information so you can begin this program.  Your CCD teachers might be giving you extra credit if you decide to participate in this program, so sign up fast!!

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CCD classes will start on Sunday, September 13 at 12:30 PM.  It is very important that all parents must register their children as soon as possible. 
The deadline to register is September 1.

Academic Year 2020-21

Considering the current situation, it is the decision of our Syro Malabar Catechetical Department that all classes will be conducted online for this year.

It is essential that parents must be involved for online learning to be successful. Please encourage your child to be prepared for class, come early to the online sessions, pay full attention and to give respect to others. Any assignment / homework / projects must be completed as per the teacher’s instructions.

Parents must sign the Online Learning Permission slip to allow their child to attend dass for this new year. Online sessions might require them, at times, to be on camera and to fully participate in classes. Therefore, please make the proper arrangements for them to be in a quiet room with no other distractions while the class is in session.

Please note, there still could be a small chance that next year, if a vaccine is found and readily available for all, and health officials say it’s safe, then we could consider the possibility re-starting in person class teaching.

Class Timings for Online Learning

All CCD Classes are conducted virtually. Classes start at 12:30 PM. Classes will be 40 – 60 minutes long for each session.

Online Learning Platform

Teachers in all grades use Zoom, Google Classroom, or any other similar teaching platform to conduct the virtual classes.


Our textbooks are available now online from our catechetical website for teachers and students.

Click here to Download your Textbook (PPT)

Our Diocese is uploading the PDF version of the textbook chapter by chapter. It’s ongoing right now, and so will take some time. Please check back in the following link often. (Click on the Online CCD Classes menu on the menu bar in the below linked website).

Click here to Download your Textbook (PDF)

Safe Environment Training

Teachers had 2 training sessions for Professional Development. Classes were organized for all teachers on how to set up Zoom & Google Classrooms. Rosmary George and Jose Thomas gave the training.

Our Safe Environment coordinator and Principal Jake Chacko conducted 2 training sessions on Safe Environment for all teachers before the beginning of the Academic Year. Safe Environment training will be given to students later this year.

Parents involvement in Virtual Learning

We expect Full Cooperation from all CCD parents for the success of our classes. Our teachers have done a great job and spent hours in preparing the lessons. So please take it seriously ad help your child in the virtual learning process will all needed tech and a quiet environment for learning.

As the primary catechist for your children, parents have the great responsibility to participate and support the online class with your child for the faith formation classes.

Contact Info

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

Jacob Chacko : 267-312-2634

Jose Maleckal : 215-873-6943

Tom Pattaniyil : 267-456-7850