English Youth Choir

Youth English Choir is looking to welcome new voices. They are inviting CCD children/older youth interested to sing. Both boys and girls from grades 6 English choir is welcoming back all existing choir members and are also looking to welcome new voices. They invite both boys and girls from grades 6 and up and any older youth interested to sing. All individuals must be fully vaccinated to join choir. Interested persons should contact Carolin George via the following email address for more information.


Holy Communion Classes

Holy Communion classes will start after the New Year.  Parents who are planning  for their child’s Holy Communion in May 2022 should register their child as soon as possible. Parish website will have the registration link. Or please contact class teachers. Please see parish office for contact information.

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CCD Registration Form

Access the Registration Form for the Year 2021-22 below.
Last Date to Register : August 29, 2021

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Academic Year 2021-22

CCD classes will start on Sunday, September 12, 2021 at 12:30 PM (online). In-person classes will begin later by the end of the year (depending on the situation).


The Diocesan Catechetical Department is recommending in-person classes as far as possible in all parishes and Missions during 2021-2022, following the State and local COVID-19 protocols.

However, we want to take an informed decision by considering the facts below:

  • Children below 12 are not vaccinated yet and there is hope that vaccinations for such age groups will be available by December 2021.
  • Majority of our CCD teachers are of the opinion that it would be better to delay the in-person classes until all children below 12 get vaccinated.

Considering these facts, we are planning to begin the new academic year in virtual mode for all grades from Pre-KG to 12 as we did in the academic year 2020-21. We will closely monitor the pandemic situation and the availability of vaccines and decide when we should go for in-person learning. Safety of our children is our top priority.

Class Timings for Online Learning

All CCD Classes are conducted virtually. Classes start at 12:30 PM. Classes will be 1 hour long for each session. Lower Grades may be dismissed after 45 minutes of learning.

Online Learning Platform

Teachers in all grades use Zoom, Google Classroom, or any other similar teaching platform to conduct the virtual classes.


Our textbooks are available now online from our catechetical website for teachers and students.

Click here to Download your Textbook (PPT)

Our Diocese is uploading the PDF version of the textbook chapter by chapter. It’s ongoing right now, and so will take some time. Please check back in the following link often. (Click on the Online CCD Classes menu on the menu bar in the below linked website).

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Safe Environment Training

Church Code of Conduct and Safe Environment training for all CCD staff will be held on Sunday, August 22 after the 10:30 am English Mass.

Parents involvement in Virtual Learning

We expect Full Co-operation from all CCD parents for the success of our classes. Our teachers have done a great job and spent hours in preparing the lessons. So please take it seriously ad help your child in the virtual learning process will all needed tech and a quiet environment for learning.

As the primary catechist for your children, parents have the great responsibility to participate and support the online class with your child for the faith formation classes.

Contact Info

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

Jacob Chacko : 267-312-2634

Jose Maleckal : 215-873-6943

Tom Pattaniyil : 267-456-7850