September 25, 2016

St. Thomas


buy Cyberlink PowerDVD 10 Ultra 3D Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 for PHP download enter site Jackpot Casino Dublin follow Play Free Casino Mac St. Thomas Ward was formed in 2004 with 24 families. Geographically, the ward boundaries are North: Route 73, South: Schuylkill River East: Delaware River, West: PA Turnpike, Route 276. On July 2012, we celebrated the feast of St. Thomas, under the leadership of President Mrs. Tessy Mathew; we also celebrated St. Sebastian’s feast on January 25, 2015. We were selected from the Family Nite to represent our parish in the Ecumenical Christmas celebrations for the past five years. Our Ward members are so dedicated with ward meetings; we meet every month without fail. We maintain a cordial relationship among the ward members and parishioners. We are blessed to have St. Thomas as the patron of our ward. The ward is currently led by President Sunny Philip, Vice President Lizy Chacko, Secretary Anna C. Joseph, Joint Secretary Kochulazar, Treasurer Thomas Rathappally, and Youth Coordinator Roshan Philip.