September 25, 2016

St. Alphonsa


St. Alphonsa Ward, formerly Blessed Alphonsa ward was formed in 2005 with 25 families.  The ward currently has a total of 30 families.  Geographically, the ward boundary begins just to the north of Red Lion Rd. & Bustleton Ave and ends at Street Road and includes Bensalem, PA in its territory.  St. Alphonsa ward set an example by suggesting a pilgrimage to Rome during the canonization of Sr. Alphonsa in November 2008.  The ward also takes the initiative to sponsor the feast of St. Alphonsa since 2008 which is regularly celebrated during the last weekend in July.  The ward is currently led by President Roy P. Varghese, Vice-President Joseph Varghese, Secretary Shaji Mittathany, Jnt. Secretary Marykutty George, Treasurer Sojan Paul and Youth leader Mareena Mittathany.