September 25, 2016

St. Joseph


cheap price FilmConvert Pro 2 BeLight Software Printworks best price Altium Designer 17 click here Keno on the way ri source site Top 5 Online Casino Bonus Saint Joseph ward was established in 2003 with 31 families. The geographical region comprises mainly of Pine and Huntington valley areas, the home of early immigrants. With the dedication of the parish church in 2005, in the heart of Pine valley, there was an influx of parishioners from faraway places near to the church. With many families moving near to the church now the ward has 61 families, including the pastor’s rectory. St. Joseph ward is the biggest and largest spread ward. The boundary begins just to the south of County Line Road, west of Verree Road, north of Alburger/Welsh roads and east of Huntington Pike. The ward sponsored the Feast of Saint Thomas in 2014 under the leadership of Sibichan Chemplayil. The current officials are: Sunny Padayatil (President & Trustee), Roshin Plamootil (Vice President & in-charge), Jose Maleckal (Secretary), Bridget George (Joint-Secretary), Mathew P. Chacko (Treasurer), John Paul Thekkumthala (Youth Coordinator).