Grade 6

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Teacher : Blessy Methikalam contact number is 215-630-7819

Crystal Thomas

Parent’s Meeting :  no meeting currently  set up

What did we learn in the class?  This week we will learn about Moses. Also about the suffering of Jesus to come in Jerusalem


Date:1/22/17 Will review for the class test


Homework    Study for the test on Chapter 4-7. Please bring in intentions written to class.  We will be praying for these intentions in class.

For 1/22/17 Please read chapter 7 .Answer the questions at the end of the chapter

Due Date: 1/22/17
Announcements:                  Test on chapter 4-7next week
Dates  1/29/17 class test
Test:                         On Chapters 4-7

The test will be on 1/29/17 and will be on chapters 4-7

Date: 1/22/17



Please read chapter 7 and answer the questions at the end of the chapter.




No quiz scheduled