Grade 2

Grade  : 2


Jasmine Chacko / Jenny James,

What did we learn in the class?
Date : 3/5/2017  

The class was briefed on the upcoming test on March 19 for chapters 9-12

We also reviewed Chapter 12 which speakes about Jesus the merciful

The kids were briefed on the importance of the lent season and the need to sacrifice/give up something for this lent season. Pls encourage/help your kids to identify what they would like to give up (not food items, however have them focus on behavioral aspects or day to day activities   e.g reduce TV time or screen time and use that time to focus on prayer/bible reading, controlling their temper etc ).

Due Date  3/12/2017
  1. Choose the 2 qualities that they want to be like from the “I want to be Like Jesus” project. They could choose from the following qualities of Jesus or have any of their own
    • Jesus the Merciful
    • Jesus who prays
    • Jesus the teacher
    • Jesus the leader
    • Jesus who overcame temptation

2. Homework Chapter 12 questions

3. Identify what they would give up this lent season – write on a piece of paper and bring to class. Encourage them not to choose food item, and focus on behaviour changes this lent


3/19/2017  Test for chapters 9-12 will be conducted on March 19. Also the kids are expected to know the Angelus along with the “Let us Pray” for the test.
Project – I want to be Like Jesus 
 Through this project, the kids will learn how to imitate the qualities of Jesus i.e you will learn to be more like Jesus

(Total Points – 20)

You need to select any of the following 2 qualities of Jesus and prepare a project for

I want to be like

  1. Jesus the Merciful
  2. Jesus who prays
  3. Jesus the teacher
  4. Jesus the leader
  5. Jesus who overcame temptation

Details on the project

  1. List out atleast these 3 different instances from the Bible where Jesus has shown or displayed the quality
  2. List out atleast these 3 different ways you can imitate this quality of Jesus – for e.g how can you be merciful , how can you be a teacher like Jesus
  3. Draw/color or show pictures to illustrate your point
  4. There will be points for neatness and creativity of the project
  5. We will have each child present their project to the class.
  6. You could use construction paper or poster board paper for the project

Timelines for the project

  1. Chose the 2 qualities that you would use for your project – March 5 2017
  2. Complete project – April 9
  3. Project Presentation – April 16 – April 23