CCD Grade 10 Project



Joble, Baggio, Justin, Michael, Andrea;          Topic: Abortion

Angela, Anjali, Rincy; Topic: Love of God

Sophia, Leah, Jennifer, Mariamol;      Topic: Eucharistic Miracles

Anix, Christy, Eben, Albin;       Topic: Superstition

Gloria, Reshma, Mariya Paul, Ann;     Topic: Women priesthood

Guidelines:      (Maximum 10 slides in PowerPoint)

Average Good Excellent
Art/Layout Not appropriate for topic Somewhat appropriate for topic Very appropriate for topic
Content No details Some details Introduction, enough details, conclusion with a message
Presentation No eye contact or clarity in speech and message Some eye contact and clarity in speech and message Eye contact, clarity in speech and message
References No clear reference 2 from Bible or from other sources [Total: 2 references] 2 from Bible and 3 from other sources [Total: 5 references]

Topics for Discussion/Debate/Project:

  • Is Halloween against the Bible?
  • Superstition
  • How can Christians benefit from learning about other religions?
  • Love vs. infatuation
  • Religious intolerance [Acts justified by religious excuse]
  • Was Jesus a living person?
  • Why can’t we receive Holy Communion from another Christian Denomination Church?
  • Is God the cause of all our suffering?
  • Why can’t women be priests?
  • Mercy killing
  • Religion and politics [Controversies]
  • Eucharistic miracles [Real presence of Jesus]
  • Love of God
  • Divine Mercy and Plenary Indulgence
  • End of the world and life after death [Indulgence, how it ends, judgement, purgatory, heaven, hell]
  • Abortion
  • Same sex marriage
  • The need for forgiveness
  • How should we participate in Holy Mass?
  • History of Syro-Malabar Christians

Martyrs and Missionaries of Catholic Church

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