Grade 2

Online-Internet-Casinos chiffres de vente cialis Grade  : 2 Teachers Jasmine Chacko / Jenny James, What did we learn in the class? Date : 4/23/2017   Today we had the “I want to be Like Jesus” project presentations. 6 students presented their project. They all did great. We will continue these presentations next week We went through the test papers. Few kids[…]

Grade 11

Grade  : 11 Teachers Soby Chacko / Mody Jacob 1st Semester: Sept. to Dec. 2016 Classes Parent’s Meeting :  TBA What did we learn in the class? Date: September to December 2016 Review of catholic Prayer. 7 Petitions in Our Father – A Deeper Look. 20 mysteries of rosary. a) Joyful b)Sorrowful c)Glorious d)Luminous 3. Mysteries of[…]

Grade 12

Grade  : 12 Teachers Jose Joseph / Jose Maleckal / Ajith Thomas <contact info is optional> Parent’s Meeting :  TBA What did we learn in the class? Date: Sept. 11, 2016 and Sept. 18 2016 Sept. 11, 2016 (CCD web) First class for the year Made Self Introductions Teachers and students Tragic and historical importance of 9/11. Praying[…]

Grade 10

Grade  : 10 Teachers Thomas Uppani / Anu James For the Month of September 2016 October 2016 Classes   Grade 10 Class Projects What did we learn in the class? Date:9/4/16 Introduction to 10th Grade CCD program.   Homework Due Date: 9/4/16   Homework: Identify an adoration chapel (or a church where Blessed Sacrament is exposed) that is convenient[…]

Grade 7

Grade  : 7 Teachers Rosmary George / Bindu Vellara Class Parent’s Meeting :  October 16, 2016 February 19, 2017: What did we learn in class? Divided kids into groups & did Activity on Chapter 6 – 5th commandment Homework Due Date: February 26, 2017 Review Chapter 7 & Complete Ch 6 Questions. Announcements Please return signed[…]

Grade 6

Grade  : 6 Teacher : Blessy Methikalam contact number is 215-630-7819 Crystal Thomas Parent’s Meeting :  no meeting currently  set up What did we learn in the class?  This week we will learn about Moses. Also about the suffering of Jesus to come in Jerusalem   Date:1/22/17 Will review for the class test   Homework    Study[…]

Grade 5

Grade  : 5 Teachers Dr. Bindu Methikalam / Rahul Thaiparambil Parent’s Meeting :  <N/A> What did we learn in the class? Date 10/30/16 Text Book Chapter 2 The Story of Jacob and Esua Homework Due Date  11/6/16 Saints Parade Posters and Saints Fair Tri-folds Announcements Date  No Announcements Tests Date    What is included in the test?[…]

Grade 4

Grade  : 4 Teachers Regina P. Joseph / Jaison Joseph / Jacob Sebastian Please e-mail or call with questions: Regina Joseph 267-346-6386 Parent’s Meeting :  TBA What did we learn in the class? Date:Sept. to Dec. 2016 Streams of Life Class Expectations: Students will be graded on homework, student diary, behavior in class and church during[…]

Grade 3

Grade  : 3 Teachers Carolin George Sheeba Sony Juliet Johny WELCOME TO 3RD GRADE!!! Dear Parents, Welcome back to a brand new school year! See below for Classroom Information.  Majority of our class communication will be via Email.  Homework & Test schedules will be posted on this page; students will also receive paper copies on the[…]

Grade 1

Grade  : 1 Teachers Jancy Joseph /Jane Santhosh / Elizabeth Philip FINAL EXAM: Kids will have their final exam on May 21st 2017. Portions for the exams: Chapters 9-15. Prayers: Sign of the Cross, Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be.   What did we learn in the class? Sept. – Dec. 2016 Date: Nov.6th 2016 Chapters[…]