Sept. 11, 2016 First day of class for the year

Sept. 11, 2016 (CCD web) First class for the year – JJ Teachers and students Made Self Introductions Topic:Tragic and historical importance of 9/11. Praying for the deceased. Topic: Sept. 4th Canonization of St. Mother Theresa of Calcutta. The dispenser of MERCY in the modern world. (None knew her in the class). Instructions and guidance for 2016,[…]

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  September 18, 2016 Reviewed the previous topics and sharing. School council selection took place. Topic: Year of Mercy and Indulgence Who is the dispenser of Mercy in the modern world? Saint Theresa of Calcutta Topic: What you can do for your Parish, For the Church? It is your responsibility to support the future of Church.[…]

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Grade  : 10 Teachers Thomas Uppani / Anu James For the Month of November 2016 October 2016 Classes What did we learn in the class? Date:11/6/16 Text book chapter 3   Due Date:11/13/16 Debate/Discussion    

CCD Grade 10 October 2016

Grade  : 10 Teachers: Thomas Uppani / Anu James Sept.2016 Classes Nov.2016 Classes Grade 10 Class Projects For the Month of October 2016 What did we learn in the class? Date:10/2/16 Debate “Is Halloween against the Bible”;  No Homework   What did we learn in the class? Date:10/9/16 and 10/16/16 Text book Chapter 2 Homework Due Date: 10/9/16 and 10/16/16 Homework:[…]