CCd- 2/12/17

Dear Parents, We had a fun day at the ccd this sunday. We talked about valentines day and how to make is more lovable and fun. the activities we did are as follows: ccd-3ccd-2 Coloring: ccd-1 Note: Please register the kids for faithfest 2017 completions from the website. last date to register is 2/19/17. This[…]

Pre K CCd 1/22/2017

Dear Parents, Today kids were very excited to know about the two saints we worshiped at the church. We learned about 2 saints: Saint Sebastian – why we call him the saint of illness, how was he killed  – with arrow. Saint Kuriakose Chavara – who worked for education for all kids. we also learned[…]

ccd- jan 17-2017

Dear Parents, Report cards have been sent with each kid last sunday. Please do not hesitate to contact us for with any questions. Lesson this week: sign of cross prayer. Kids are very happy to learn about cross, rosary and bible. Please have a talk with them. Thanks, Pre K teachers.  

January 2017

Pre K January 2017 Classes Grade  : Pre-K Teachers Anne Anithottam / Leena Joseph / Rose Philip January 2017 Classes What did we learn in the class? Date:01/08/2017 Today we started our class with sign of the cross and a small prayer. Chapter 13  Children were happy to do all activities. Keep praying and have fun.[…]


Grade  : Pre-K Teachers Anne Anithottam / Leena Joseph / Rose Philip Parent’s Meeting : TBA What did we learn in the class? November 6, 13, 27th 2016 Date: 11/6/2016 and 11/13/2016 Chapter 6 We are the children of God. Chapter 7 Jesus is the Good Shepherd. Chapter 8 We care for Others. Chapter 9 Jesus Lived[…]