CCd- 2/12/17

Dear Parents, We had a fun day at the ccd this sunday. We talked about valentines day and how to make is more lovable and fun. the activities we did are as follows: ccd-3ccd-2 Coloring: ccd-1 Note: Please register the kids for faithfest 2017 completions from the website. last date to register is 2/19/17. This[…]

CCD Grade 10 Project

Project: Team: Joble, Baggio, Justin, Michael, Andrea;          Topic: Abortion Angela, Anjali, Rincy; Topic: Love of God Sophia, Leah, Jennifer, Mariamol;      Topic: Eucharistic Miracles Anix, Christy, Eben, Albin;       Topic: Superstition Gloria, Reshma, Mariya Paul, Ann;     Topic: Women priesthood Guidelines:      (Maximum 10 slides in PowerPoint) Average Good Excellent Art/Layout Not appropriate for topic Somewhat appropriate for[…]